About Linda

Hey there, I’m Linda! I’m a freelance graphic designer and web developer who loves making things look good. What kind of things? Every kind of thing. 

Websites, logos, postcards, stickers, business cards, billboards, tradeshow banners, bookmarks, book covers, brochures, social profiles, flyers, handouts, invitations, ads... You name it, and there's a 90% chance I've done it! (Please don't try that with movies, though - the statistic stands, but it's just the opposite. What can I say?! I'm a book kind of gal.) 

If I had to describe myself in one word, I would say I am a do-er. I’m curious, directed, know when to keep pushing and when something is spot on, and get really, really excited about good design -- hello 9am dance party! I work best in fast-paced environments, fueled by massive amounts of coffee, and I love a good deadline.

I practice client-centered design. What's that? A fancy term to say that I can swing from style to style to suit the needs of the wonderful clients that I work for. Personally, though, I love high contrast, bright colors, and bold patterns, and have a penchant for crystal clear black and white photos. 

Let's work together!


🇵🇱 99% Polish / 🇮🇹 1% Italian  Born in PA / Aged in NC  🌱 KCMO Transplant

🇵🇱 99% Polish / 🇮🇹 1% Italian

Born in PA / Aged in NC

🌱 KCMO Transplant